the camel hump

the camel uses its hump for nourishment when food is scarce

All over the country, there are kids who depend on the free lunch program for their basic nutrition. In Utah, schools have programs set up with the Utah Food Bank for families in need to receive assistance. These are great programs, however, there is nothing in place to get these families through the two weeks of Christmas Break, or for children who do not have an adult in their lives capable of taking advantage of these programs.

A camel uses its hump for nutrition when food is scarce. The Camel Hump coordinates an effort for families to donate food kits to kids who are at risk of going without food when school is not in session.


Sign ups for this year's project

are live! Thanks for your help!


Christmas Food-Kit Guidelines:

  • Please WEAR A MASK when delivering your bags to the schools!
  • Please, no expired food.
  • Include ALL FOOD on the list, but please DO NOT INCLUDE EXTRA ITEMS in the bag. The idea is that they are all the same.
  • Having said that, any brands/flavors are fine. Remember your audience; these are going to kids. Keeping in mind who will be eating it might help you decide what to buy. 
  • Please log back in to the signup sheet and edit the comment area when you have delivered your bags. 
Kit Contents placed in a reusable grocery bag w/handles: 
1 box cereal
1 box instant oatmeal packets
1 box granola bars
1 box crackers
1 jar peanut butter
1 jar applesauce (or 6-pack of squeeze packs or cups)
1 package dried fruit (or raisins)
2 boxes macaroni and cheese
2 cans vegetables 

We would love to have you involved!

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